Specializing in Gas Leak Detection and Repairs

Prompt Response on Gas Leak Detection

Appliances and systems that utilize gas are usually a lot more efficient and easier to use then electric appliances, but a gas leak can be harmful and potentially dangerous. Protect your home or office with fast diagnosis and repair services from our licensed and insured crew at M & M Plumbing, Inc.

Our prompt responses guarantee that you can count on our professionals to answer in your time of need. Contact us today to receive a FREE estimate on gas leak detection services.

Indoor and Outdoor Services

• Gas leak detection
• Gas line repair
• Line installation

Signs of a Gas Leak

• Your pilot light keeps going out
• Your pilot light is not blue
• You smell rotten eggs
• You are hearing strange sounds from gas appliances
• There are dead plants near the pipe or appliances

Emergency Services and After-Hours Appointments Available Upon Request!