M & M Plumbing, Inc. provides Pearland, TX and the Bay Area with superior-quality plumbing services. Whether you need work done on your home or your business, we are the team for you. We have more than 25 years of experience clearing blocked drains, detecting gas leaks, and installing entire plumbing systems. We are confident our team can provide the services you need and make it our duty to be the dependable team you can trust in emergencies. No job is too big or small for us!

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Services We Provide:

Tankless Water Heaters from M & M Plumbing, Inc.

Tankless Water Heaters

Installing a tankless water heater essentially eliminates wasted energy when hot water cools down in long pipe runs or while sitting in the storage tank. This type of water heater provides hot water immediately and therefore wastes less water than a water heater that requires you to let the water run until the desired temperature is reached.

Water Softeners from M & M Plumbing, Inc.

Water Softeners

There are many benefits to water treated with water softeners. For instance, you’ll have cleaner and shinier silverware and glassware, softer skin and hair, and an easier time cleaning due to reduced soap scum buildup.

Hydro Jetting from M & M Plumbing, Inc.

Hydro Jetting

A hydro jet is a high-pressure hose we use to unclog drains and sewers. Grease, minerals, and other debris build up in your pipes over time, and if left unchecked, will block water from passing through. We perform a video inspection of the pipe to determine the location of the issue, as well as identify if there are any damaged pipes. This technique uses between 3,000-8,000 psi to remove the blockage.

Home gas leak detection from M & M Plumbing, Inc.

Gas Leak Detection

A gas leak is hazardous to you, your family, and your business. We perform testing, detection, repair, and installation services on gas piping. If you smell rotten eggs or hear a hissing sound within your home or business, be sure to give us a call.

New plumbing from M & M Plumbing, Inc.

New Construction

Building a new home and want to ensure that your plumbing system is installed properly? Look no further than M & M Plumbing, Inc. We have 25+ years of experience helping families and businesses install plumbing in their homes and offices.

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To learn more about the plumbing services we provide, please contact us at 281-830-0367. We look forward to being your go-to plumber!

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