Sewer and Drain Repairs and Maintenance in Alvin & Friendswood, TX

Advanced Technology for Sewer and Drain Work

Trust the Plumbing Experts in Alvin & Friendswood, TX

Get to the bottom of your sewer and drain problems with help from the certified sewer and drain technicians at M & M Plumbing, Inc.!

Our plumbing experts utilize advanced technologies such as video camera inspection tools to find the cause of your sewer and drain blockage or leak. Contact us today in Alvin, Texas to receive a FREE estimate on the residential or commercial sewer and drain services you need.

Thorough Sewer and Drain Services

• Leak detection
• Sewer line replacement
• New line installation
• Repiping, rerouting, and realignment
• Collapsed pipe walls
• Frozen pipes
• Pressure testing
• Drain cleaning - removal of dirt, hair, grease, sludge, and more